Sustainability at Realty Income

Our Commitment

Realty Income is committed to conducting our business according to the highest ethical standards. We are dedicated to providing an engaging, diverse, and safe work environment for our employees, operating our business in an environmentally conscious manner and upholding our corporate responsibilities as a public company for the benefit of our stakeholders - our shareholders, clients, colleagues, and community.

Building On Our Commitment

As The Monthly Dividend Company®, our mission is to conduct business with integrity, transparency, respect and humility to create long-term value across economic cycles for all stakeholders. We are dedicated to providing dependable monthly dividends that increase over time.

We believe that our commitment to corporate responsibility, which encompasses Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) principles, is critical to our performance and long-term success and that we all have a shared responsibility to our community and the planet. The Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee of our Board of Directors has direct oversight of ESG matters.

In 2019, we approved resources needed to advance our ESG agenda, including creating a Sustainability Department and creating a new dedicated Associate Vice President of Sustainability position. We envision advancements in the coming years as we develop a strategy, by and on behalf of our internal and external stakeholders, while engaging all levels of our organization in the process.

Relationships with our stakeholders are key to our success. Additionally, our corporate partners help us achieve our mission. Accordingly, we assess ways in which we can generate and sustain value for all stakeholders, which generates long-term value for our shareholders. We believe our dedication to corporate responsibility fosters our ability to grow in a sustainable manner.

Moving Forward

We hold the protection of our assets, communities, and the environment in high regard. Based on our business model, the properties in our portfolio are primarily net-leased to our tenants, who are generally responsible for maintaining the buildings, including utilities management and the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices at each location.

Our commitment to ESG is at all levels of our organization. Our CEO and Board of Directors have given their full support and work directly with our Sustainability Department and our employees to maximize our potential through a voluntary Team Building Committee and Green Team.

Together we’re integrating ESG into the fabric of our organization and decision-making.

We are confident this all-hands approach will generate value for all stakeholders - shareholders, clients, colleagues, and community.