General Investor Information

How can I receive up-to-date company information?

To receive company news via email, sign up here for Email Alerts

How can I get a copy of the most recent annual report?

Who should I call if I need help with my account?

  • Computershare can answer most of your account questions if you are a registered shareholder
  • Computershare can be reached at 877-218-2434 (toll free)
  • You can also call Realty Income Investor Relations Department at 877-924-6266 (toll free) or email us at, though we have limited access to account information

Can I access information about my Realty Income shares or account on the Computershare website?

  • If you are a registered shareholder and your shares are held in your name rather than at a brokerage firm, you can get information about your shares by visiting Computershare
  • Select Sign Up Now to activate your account, create a user ID and password, then follow the simple instructions for accessing your share and account information
  • Once you have logged in, Computershare allows you to:
    1. Access your account to purchase and sell stock
    2. Request replacement checks
    3. Enroll in a dividend reinvestment plan
    4. Obtain tax information and forms
    5. View and print historical transaction information

How do I change my mailing address?

Call Computershare at 877-218-2434 (toll free) or contact our Investor Relations Department at 877-924-6266 (toll free) or email us at

How do I get replacement checks for dividends?

If you are a registered shareholder, you can contact Computershare at 877-218-2434 (toll free) and request a replacement check. You may also request a replacement through your Computershare account. You can also call Realty Income’s Investor Relations Department at 877-924-6266 (toll free) or email us at

How can I get a duplicate 1099 form?

Request this from or contact Computershare and request a duplicate 1099. They can be reached at 877-218-2434 (toll free). You can also process this request by logging on and accessing your account through Computershare

How can I get research on Realty Income?

  • Realty Income is covered by several research analysts. This research is proprietary, so any research report that might be available will need to be obtained from your financial advisor’s firm
  • The views expressed by analysts are their own and are not endorsed by Realty Income

How do I make a request or a suggestion for the corporate website?

What is Realty Income’s address and phone number?

  • 11995 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA, 92130
  • 877-924-6266 (toll free)

How can I get quotes on Realty Income stock?

  • You can get a quote by visiting the Stock Information page
  • Share price quotes can also be accessed on various internet financial news sites by entering the ticker symbol “O”
  • Share price quotes for Realty Income are shown under our ticker symbol “O” on the financial pages of various newspapers

Where can I get information about the dividend?

Our dividend increase history, monthly/annualized dividend amounts, and other important information is located on the Monthly Dividend Commitment page

Is a direct stock purchase or dividend reinvestment plan available?

Follow this link to the Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan

To request shareholder materials, contact us by email or phone.