Realty Income, the Monthly Dividend Company

A Dividend Paid Monthly - The Monthly Dividend Company | Realty Income

What We Do and What We Own

We buy commercial real estate and lease it to tenants who pay us rent each month. Discover the types of real estate we own, characteristics of our business, how we grow our earnings, and what we own.

Who We Are

Check out company facts, our history and key operating objectives, and track record of generating a dividend paid monthly to our shareholders.

Why We Are Here

Learn more about our focus and mission to provide our shareholders with a dividend paid monthly.

How We Generate Monthly Dividends

Learn more about our process for generating a reliable dividend paid monthly to our shareholders.

Our Key Business Partners

Our partners have provided us with invaluable support since 1969.

Company Track Record

We have a 46-year operating history of providing dependable monthly dividends.

Corporate Responsibility

Learn more about our efforts to be responsible corporate citizens.

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