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The Realty Income mission, vision, and values

Monthly dividends provide our shareholders with the financial freedom to pursue their dreams.

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  • Since our founding in 1969, our mission has been to provide our shareholders with dependable monthly dividends that increase over time.

  • From the beginning, the vision of our founders was a very simple concept: To own properties leased to commercial enterprises, and hold them for the long term to produce monthly income. Their goal was to produce monthly income for our shareholders and avoid the risks associated with developing or acquiring real estate for trading, or buying and selling. This vision still holds true and has helped us perform well through our 46 years of operations.

  • Our values drive the actions that make our mission statement come alive. These values are an agreement that our activities should be confined to those that will help us provide dependable monthly income for our shareholders. In short, the following values help us stay true to our mission:

    • Passion for shareholders
    • Results through solidly researched investments
    • Honesty and accuracy when reporting results of our efforts
    • Trust and respect for staff members, tenants and other business partners
    • Admitting mistakes so future mistakes can be minimized in our operations
6 Core Principles
  • The following core principles are born out of our vision and values. We:

    1. Own properties with leases already in place that can consistently pay rent
    2. Own properties that are critical to the generation of the revenue of the tenants
    3. Hold the properties for long-term income production
    4. Generate an enduring stream of lease revenue to pay monthly dividends
    5. Maintain a strong financial position with adequate liquidity
    6. Staff our company with employees committed to our mission

    Bonus: READ OUR CODE OF BUSINESS ETHICS for specific information on rules and guidelines for day-to-day operations.

Corporate Culture
  • Our staff enjoys an environment where they are seen as the most valuable asset of our company and their efforts are respected. It is our responsibility to create a workplace that completely supports them in their efforts to do what needs to be done to generate the cash flow to pay monthly dividends.

    This singular focus tends to appeal to people with a long-term orientation and a desire to be part of a company for a significant period of time, so not surprisingly, the average tenure of our most senior staff is over 13 years.

    "I think working for a company that is 100% committed to providing dependable monthly income means that the company is 100% committed to the employees that make it happen."
    -Realty Income staffer

Point of View
  • A clear mission, shareholder-oriented values, a hand-picked team, and straightforward operating principles provide the framework for a point of view that remains consistent year to year. What changes, from time to time, is our perspective, which is formed by the environment and economic conditions. See what some of our team members have to say below.

    Kristin Ferrell

    Kristin Ferrell thumbnail picture

    "In my role assisting with the company’s strategic and operational planning process, I experience first-hand the time and consideration the company devotes to formulating its initiatives and planning for execution. This dedication to ongoing performance truly reflects the company’s commitment to providing dependable monthly income to its shareholders."

    Kristin Ferrell, Associate Vice President, Portfolio Management

    Janeen Bedard

    Janeen Bedard thumbnail picture

    "In my position working for Realty Income’s CEO, I gain broad exposure to the Company’s operations and future plans. My involvement in various ongoing, forward-thinking assignments contributes to the Company's preparedness for future growth and thus our ability to continue the payment of monthly dividends to our shareholders."

    Janeen Bedard, Vice President, Administration

    Cary Wenthur

    Cary Wenthur thumbnail picture

    "As an acquisition officer, my role is to find the acquisition opportunities that will provide us with increasing revenue to support dividends. When I think of my family, and our shareholders who have come to rely on monthly dividends, I'm motivated to work hard to uncover these acquisitions."

    Cary Wenthur, Vice President, Senior Director of Acquisitions
Key Take-Aways
  • Founded to generate dependable monthly income
  • Corporate environment that supports mission focus
  • Long-term perspective with consistent point of view
Read our Corporate Code of Business Ethics
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