Realty Income, the Monthly Dividend Company

Learn About Realty Income; our history, business, and mission vision, and values.

About The Monthly Dividend Company®

Realty Income, founded in 1969, is a publicly traded real estate company dedicated to paying monthly dividends to its shareholders. The revenue to pay these dividends is generated from over 4,300 commercial properties in 49 states and Puerto Rico that we own under long-term leases, primarily with large commercial enterprises that operate multiple locations. Our shares are listed under the ticker symbol "O" on the New York Stock Exchange.

Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission, the foundation of our vision and values for over 46 years, has defined our core principles, corporate culture and point of view.

Meet Our Team

Our skilled professionals have expertise in the fields of capital markets, finance, investor relations, legal, real estate and credit research.

Company Track Record

We have a 46-year operating history of providing consecutive monthly dividends.

Corporate Responsibility

Learn more about our efforts to be responsible corporate citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

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