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Realty Income's cash dividends track record throughout our 46-year operating history.

We have been paying dependable monthly dividends throughout our 46-year operating history. During this time, we became a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994, and we continued to grow in all areas of our business. Below is a table that shows our growth since we went public:


(as of 12/31/14
except as noted)

Property Portfolio Growth 630 4,327
Real Estate Assets at Cost $451 million $11.2 billion
Total # of Industries Growth 5 47
Total # of States 41 49
Commercial Tenant Growth 23 234
Yearly Revenue Growth $49 million $933.5 million*
(year ended 12/31/14)
Adjusted Funds from Operations Growth $39.2 million $561.7 million
(year ended 12/31/14)
Annualized Cash Dividends Growth $0.90 per share $2.268 per share**

In addition, we have:

  • Maintained year end portfolio occupancy, see here
  • Paid over $3.3 billion in cash dividends to common shareholders throughout our 46-year operating history, including:
    • 535 consecutive monthly dividend payments
    • 69 consecutive quarterly increases
    • 79 increases in the dividend since our listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 1994

We've accomplished this by being singularly dedicated to our mission of paying monthly cash dividends and employing a consistent business plan that supports our mission.

* Total revenue includes amounts reclassified to income from discontinued operations, but excludes revenue from Crest Net Lease, a subsidiary of Realty Income.

** As of the most recent dividend increase announcement, payable on 2/17/15 to shareholders of record as of 2/2/15.

Historical Return Performance vs. Other Indices

Comparison Performance Chart of Realty Income vs. other Major Stock Indices Click to enlarge

Comparison of $100 invested in 1994 vs. Major Stock Indexes
(with reinvested dividends through 12/31/14)

Comparison Chart of $100 Invested in Realty Income compared to other Major Stock Indices Click to enlarge

Historical Dividend Increase Record

To see how our track record has impacted our ability to increase cash dividends, view our dividend increases since 1994 in this dividend increase chart.

Realty Income Historical Dividend Increase Record Click to enlarge

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The price of Realty Income shares may go down as well as up and you may not get back all or any of your original investment.

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