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Financial and Real Estate Portfolio Reports - Review the latest financial tables and real estate portfolio information.

Our mission of providing dependable monthly income requires that we maintain a conservative financial structure that supports responsible growth and generates strong cash flow.

Note: We use “Adjusted Funds from Operations,” or AFFO, as an additional financial measurement to net income. To learn more about how AFFO is calculated, please view the Adjusted Funds from Operations document.

Summary of Financial Performance Highlights

As of and for the six months ended 6/30/14

As of and for the six months ended 6/30/13

Revenue $450.2 million $362.0 million
Adjusted Funds from Operations $273.8 million $219.5 million
AFFO Per Common Share $1.28 $1.19
Net Income available to common stockholders $98.6 million $108.7 million
Net Income Per Common Share $0.46 $0.59
Dividends Paid Per Common Share $1.094 $1.057
Real Estate before accumulated depreciation $10.9 billion $9.2 billion
New Properties and Properties Under Development 402 properties 721 properties
Investment in Real Estate $1.06 billion $4.0 billion
Properties Sold 17 properties 34 properties
Property Occupancy Rate 98.3% 98.2%
Weighted average remaining lease length 10.6 years 11.0 years

Summary Financial Performance Highlights

View the following reports as of and for the six months ended 6/30/14.

Real Estate Portfolio Reports

View the following tables for information regarding our real estate portfolio as of and for the six months ended 6/30/14.

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