Realty Income: New York Stock Exchange Symbol 'O'

Realty Income dividend increases, dividend history, and dividend declarations show our commitment to monthly dividends.

Dividend Amount and Track Record

  • 534 dividends paid
  • 79 dividend increases
  • 69 consecutive quarterly increases
  • Average annual dividend return of 7.3%
    since 1994 (as of 12/31/14)

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Monthly Dividend Amount $0.189
Annualized Dividend Amount $2.268

Dividend amounts reflect most recent dividend increase announcement, payable on 2/17/15 to shareholders of
record as of 2/2/15.

Historical Dividend Increase Record

Additional dividend information is explained in an easy-to-understand table.

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Realty Income Historical Dividend Increase Record
Realty Income Historical Dividend Increase Record

The Magic of Rising Dividends

See the potential benefits in owning a company like us that regularly increases the dividend. Find out about this "Dividend Magic" by clicking the link below.

Yield Comparison Table
(as of 9/30/14)

Review a sample of investment options and their corresponding yield in this side-by-side comparison.

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Realty Income Yield Comparison Chart
Realty Income Yield Comparison Chart

Common Stock Dividend Declarations

View the month, record date and scheduled payment date for common stock dividends.

Month Record Date Payment Date
Feb 2/2/15 2/17/15
Jan 1/2/15 1/15/15
Dec 12/1/14 12/15/14
Nov 11/3/14 11/17/14
Oct 10/1/14 10/15/14
Sep 9/2/14 9/15/14
Aug 8/1/14 8/15/14
July 7/1/14 7/15/14

Preferred Dividend Declarations

Review the record and payment dates of our Class E and Class F preferred stocks.

Large Preferred Dividend Information Chart
Preferred Class E Stock
Preferred Class F Stock
Monthly Dividend
Monthly Dividend
Record Date Payment Date Record Date Payment Date
- - 2/1/15 2/17/15
- - 1/1/15 1/15/15
- - 12/1/14 12/15/14
Redeemed Redeemed 11/1/14 11/17/14
10/1/14 10/15/14 10/1/14 10/15/14
9/1/14 9/15/14 9/1/14 9/15/14
8/1/14 8/15/14 8/1/14 8/15/14
7/1/14 7/15/14 7/1/14 7/15/14

See Common Stock Dividend Payment History

We've paid monthly dividends since 1970 and have regularly increased the amount of the monthly dividend since becoming a publicly traded company in 1994.

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