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Shareholder Dividend Possibilities

Scott R., Salt Lake City, UT

When I discovered O, I became intrigued. I invested some money into O using my brokerage and selected the reinvest dividends option. I have since added to the position, and overall (not accounting for dividends), the position is up nearly 25%. With dividends reinvested the position is up over 30%. The annual dividend yield is amazing, and the monthly distributions allow me to repurchase 2-3 shares without paying a commission.

Woodrow V., Las Vegas, NV

Being retired we need cash flow to pay living expenses. Thanks for MANY years of excellent dividends.

Martin Z., Vail, CO

I am still building my retirement account, so I am reinvesting all my dividends. It is nice seeing the nest egg growing faster every month.

Patti H., Providence, RI

I have 885 weeks left to retire & already I am worried about having adequate income during retirement. Investing in a solid monthly dividend investment like "O" allows me to begin planning now. Monthly purchases now will eventually translate into monthly dividends that will nicely subsidize my 401K, SEP, Social Security, and finally, my individual investments. Plan A through Plan F should keep me safe. By the time you read this, perhaps I will only have 884 weeks left until retirement!

Conrad H., Phoenix, AZ

I began accumulating Realty Income shares in my Dividend Account with Fidelity Investments starting in 2009, in preparation for retirement. I am now retired and the monthly dividends provide me with a monthly check that smooths the income flow from this account. For me, it is like having another monthly pension check, and Social Security check. The unrealized gain from purchases and dividend reinvestments during the accumulation phase is now 47% and the yield on investment cost is 6.1%.

Jim and Pam R., Mesa, AZ

My wife and I have retired and take West Coast Swing dance lessons as a way to reconnect and have fun together as well as make new friends at the Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club.

Dorothy D., San Diego, CA

Tom Lewis has been an inspiration to me over the years because of his outstanding leadership and caring heart. My decision to purchase Realty Income was made approximately eight years ago when I listened to him being interviewed over the local radio. The interest rates at the time were fluctuating greatly and unreliable. This affected everyone and was especially hard on senior citizens. Tom Lewis referred to this during the radio interview stating his concern for his parents and other senior citizens. Hence, the plan for a monthly dividend offered by Realty Income. I was so impressed with Tom's radio interview, I will never forget it.

At age 89, I have been able to use the monthly dividend to pay my MEDICAL bills. I owe this wise investment I made in Realty Income to Tom Lewis, a wonderful man, a great CEO!

Marilyn B., Kalamazoo, MI

I attended a Morningstar seminar in Chicago and Realty Income was one of the financial presenters. I was so impressed with their presentation that I purchased a core position in "O". I also have purchased shares for my granddaughter for her education, by adding to my present position every year.

Mike M., Dade City, FL

I am retired and live on my dividends. Realty Income is one of my core holdings. My family supports several college students each year that are majoring in Business. I offer them a way to learn about stock investing. I use Realty Income as one of the stocks to learn about. Your Annual Report is very transparent and your business model is easy for students to grasp. When they complete a study, I provide a small $$ amount for them to actually invest (partly funded by my monthly dividends!)

Sean S., Los Angeles, CA

As an income investor, I love Realty Income's steady dividend, regular dividend increases, and conservative balance sheet. Most impressive was the way the company managed to weather the economic and financial crisis of the past few years while so many other companies reduced or even suspended payouts! I own Realty Income's common and preferred shares as a core part of my portfolio. I anticipate that Realty Income, along with my other investments, will enable me to retire in my 40s.

Gary G., Laguna Niguel, CA

My daughters learned of the company plus the monthly dividends. That is the good part, but now they track the record/payable dates and expect to use it for their fuel money. Your annual report is very erudite and well presented. My compliments to the entire organization.

Shareholder in Florida

Great annual report. Dividends come in handy for golf green fees and taking my wife to dinner.

McLeod S., Dallas, TX

My age is 92, and I am a nine year resident at a retirement home. I made my first purchase of your company stock in 2007. The income from these shares goes toward paying my monthly rent.

Dan M., Raleigh, NC

Your consistent, extremely well managed results provide us with peace of mind, as well as the funds to help pay for our daughter's college education. The "Big O" rocks! Keep up the great work and thanks!

Harold D., Nixa, MO

I purchased my initial Realty Income stock just before I retired in February 1995 at the recommendation of my ML Financial Advisor. It has been the best purchase (of my investments), and I have never been disappointed with the regular dividends that have been increased on a regular basis. Also, I have Realty Income Preferred D shares, and the same story applies. Keep up the terrific management at Realty Income.

SK, New York, NY

I'm a second generation investor. I inherited proceeds from sale of my mother's shares after she died. I did not have an investment account myself for several more years. When I did, I began following O, but did not buy it till the crash of 2008. Since then the monthly dividends greatly help supplement my meager Social Security. They pay long term care insurance premiums and other needs. Thanks!

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