Senior Vice President, Research

Robert J. IsraelAs the head of the Research department, Mr. Israel provides tenant, financial, industry and real estate information to Realty Income’s Investment Committee and Board of Directors to help them decide which acquisition opportunities to pursue. He is also a member of the Investment Committee, which reviews and approves all property investments.

In addition, the Research department monitors the financial condition, industry dynamics and store-level operations of the real estate in the company’s current property portfolio. Every industry segment has a unique set of characteristics and drivers. These industries evolve, and it is the job of the Research department to keep abreast of these developments and to provide the Executive team with information that aids them in their decision-making process.

Mr. Israel joined Realty Income in 1997 and has always headed up the Research department. Prior to joining Realty Income, he was a Vice President/Corporate Banker for a few San Diego area banks. These positions provided him with a solid background in financial analysis, industry drivers and financial modeling. In addition, Mr. Israel gained valuable experience in presenting financial analysis to bank boards and loan committees, which has been very helpful in presenting concise and organized information to the Investment Committee and Board of Directors.

Mr. Israel graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science.